Austin, Texas

A series of Instagram messages led me to Tee & Chris. Let me explain... Last September I was headed down to Big Bend for an elopement at Santa Elena Canyon. I had free time (not really) the day before and the day after the elopement for some photography work. I figured I would make the most of the opportunity of being in such a unique spot in Texas and do more than just the elopement I was down there for. So I weeded through Big Bend hashtags and came across Tee & Chris. I messaged Tee and asked her if she and Chris would be interested in doing a couples session. Unfortunately they were out of town at the time in Austin. Chris was busy doing some film work there and I was out of luck on finding a beautiful couple to model for me. Either way Tee and I continued to follow each other on instagram and she had offered if I was ever back down south to contact them.

Now fast forward to April when I receive a message from Tee on Instagram. Tee explains that she has been following me and normally wouldn't randomly reach out for photography, but has a vow celebration coming up and would like me to capture it. I find out that Tee is from Australia and her and Chris are going to be formally tying the knot in New Zealand later in the year. They want to have something special here too though for friends and family that won't be able to travel for the wedding ceremony. They've chosen Umlauf Sculpture Garden in Austin to host the celebration and I must say this is truly an amazing garden. Though it isn't huge it was packed with artwork and amazing foliage, plants, and a small pond. Oh by the way it was super hot the weekend of the vow celebration, record hot to be exact! In turn it made the garden glow and glisten in the sun.

Gathered together with friends and family I had the honor of witnessing Tee & Chris take their vows with laughter, tears, and kissing. It was an amazing day and evening filled with love and friendship every where I turned my lens. Also I can't leave out that both Tee & Chris's friends and family set up all the decor at this celebration. Servo their dog came along for the vow celebration as well recording with a GoPro on his back during the cocktail hour and ceremony. Check out the rest of the day below.