Mount Magazine, Arkansas

Ben & Jodie were referred to me by his sister Betsy who had been a bridesmaid in two of my previous weddings. I was ecstatic to say the least when they inquired about their wedding in Mount Magazine State Park. I had never heard of the place, but after doing some research and hearing why Ben & Jodie wanted to do their ceremony there it made sense. Jodie's family is from Tennessee and most of Ben's family is located in Texas. They met in college at OBU so it made for a perfect middle ground for the families to unite and secondly the beauty of the park is outstanding. Ben wanted a traditional wedding and Jodie wanted an elopement Mount Magazine State Park offered both of the best worlds. The Lodge at Mount Magazine that sits on top of the mesa was a perfect meeting ground and had a reception hall that met all the needs for a traditional wedding.

Mount Magazine State Park is the highest park in Arkansas and the peak of the park is called Signal Hill. It has gorgeous cliff faces with huge drops from ledges that stick out for a beautiful view. I was stoked to explore to say the least. Ben & Jodie gave me plenty of time to get the perfect shots and I set out to capture not only the epic scenery, but their love for each other smack dab in the middle of it.

Ben & Jodie had vows that blew everyone away. It was quite honestly one of the most deepest expressions of love in words that I had witnessed in sometime. Poetic at the core and drenched with emotion the wedding party and guest were weeping at the vows being took and I had a hard time holding back tears myself. All in all the ceremony and what followed after was just a dream. I could tell Ben & Jodie were deeply in love and that the day was going to be great because they were already on cloud nine.

Below is many memories that were captured that day. This wedding was truly one to be remembered not just because of where it took place, but because of Ben & Jodie's love for one another and their family. Thank you Ben & Jodie for allowing me to capture these memories and witness this majestic love you have for one another.